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Westhill Consulting Insurance – Connecticut learns less is more with state health insurance website

Connecticut learns less is more with state health insurance website

Tuesday, November 12, statistics put out by Connecticut demonstrate that its website is the only one to sign up more folks for private insurance than for Medicaid.

Angel Medina, 21, went to talk to an Affordable Health Care act navigator in Hartford. Medina was dropped from his mother's health insurance two years ago.

"I have really bad eyes. I like to get them checked often, but since I don't have health insurance, no doctor's going to really want to take a look at me," he said.
He found out that he may qualify for Medicaid, which was long-drawn-out under Obamacare.
So far, 9,123 have enrolled over Connecticut's ultimate goal is to sign up 275,000 people.
Kevin Counihan, chief executive officer of Connecticut's health exchange, says he's not discouraged by the number of people signing up for private health insurance.
"Buying health insurance is expensive and it's expensive and it's confusing and it's complicated. So no, I am not disappointed by it. However, we clearly have a strong goal to meet by March," he said.
Counihan look forward to have 100,000 people enrolled by the end of March.  He credits the state's computer system with the smooth even out.
"Number one is, less is more. Do fewer things well than try to do more things inconsistently. Two is test the heck out of the system and make sure that before you go live, you are pretty darn confident that you know what is going to happen. And three is hire the best people that you can," he said.
Counihan was implicated with Massachusetts' health insurance rollout in 2006.  He says that taught him people don't buy insurance like they do a book or car.  They usually consider the options an average of 18n times before making up their minds.
He foresees a sprint of people signing up between Thanksgiving and Dec. 15, which in case is the deadline for coverage beginning on Jan. 1.


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Westhill Consulting - Obamacare

Is 'Obamacare' like Canada's health-care system? 'Not even close,' according to critics  

The first major U.S. health-care reform passed in nearly 50 years is the Obamacare but regardless of critics passing judgment on "Obamacare" as "Canadian-style" health insurance, critics note that major differences between the two systems persist.
The U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which went into effect earlier this week, is "not even close" to the Canadian system says McGill University Professor of Political Science Antonia Maioni.
"Obamacare keeps in place the basic principle of health care in the United States which is: if you want to get access to care you need to buy insurance coverage," she told CTV News Channel on Friday.

"Obamacare is trying to make it easier for people to be able to buy that insurance coverage and, if you are very poor, to be able to qualify for a government program. But it doesn't have the same principle as in Canada, where if you are a legal resident, you are automatically enrolled in a provincial or territorial health plan."
In an op-ed published in the Globe and Mail, Maioni said the major differences between "Obamacare" and Canada's health-care system include:
"Obamacare" is not a single-payer system (where one entity, usually the government, pays all costs)
Care depends on the type of insurance coverage you buy
Insurance coverage varies by state
Wait times are based on the level of insurance coverage
Obamacare" faces challenges in cost control
Maioni said that while "Obamacare" was passed, in part, to address American spending on health care – the highest in the world at nearly 18 per cent of GDP, or $3 trillion – the act remains "problematic."
"There's nothing in it that speaks to really serious cost control," she said.
She furthermore said that while Canada also spends a lot on health care, there are mechanisms that the provinces can use to contain spending.
"Governments can negotiate fees with providers, governments can set global budgets for hospitals," she said. "There's a lot of politicking and controversy around that, but at least there's some measures of control for the government. In the United States, those measures are not there."
While "Obamacare" does try to better regulate insurers and provide ways for the government to tighten Medicare – the government program for the elderly and the disabled -- "there's no real facing up to the cost wall," she said.
She added that while the act will make it easier for Americans to buy affordable insurance, there are still "prevalent" gaps in the system.


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Westhill Consulting Healthcare - A Few Persistent Iowans Manage to Buy Health Insurance On Crash

A few persistent Iowans manage to buy health insurance on crash-plagued Obamacare exchange

There were at least five strangely determined Iowans have dealt with signing up for health insurance on the government’s balky new online marketplace.

They were the Hardy Handful.  It seems that they were eager to wait through endless holdups and to try, try again after constantly being booted off the system.  They had enrolled in insurance plans sold on the public marketplace by CoOportunity Health.

“They threaded the needle and got in,” said Cliff Gold, the insurance carrier’s chief operating officer. “It’s like when a radio station says, ‘If you’re the 20th caller, you’ll win something.’ These people were the 20th caller.”

Two of the unidentified purchasers are from Iowa City, two are from Glidden and one is from Clive, Gold said.

Also called exchanges, the health-insurance marketplaces are a key part of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.  Since they opened Oct. 1, they have been plagued with technical problems.  Iowa’s exchange is using a federal website,, which has been beset with delays and crashes.  Federal officials have blamed the glitches on an unexpected surge of millions of consumers trying to use the system at once.  But some computer experts have said the problems are at least partly due to technical flaws in the site.  Federal officials are pledging to fix the issues as quickly as possible.

Gold said he is encouraged by the fact that a few people are getting through. He likened the situation to trying to start a care on a frigid winter morning. “At first, it just turns over. Then it kicks in,” he said. “Well, it’s kicked in, but it’s still cold inside the car.”

CoOportunity Health is one of two carriers selling individual policies throughout Iowa on the new exchange.  Gold said the company confirmed today that at least five Iowans and nine Nebraskans had selected its policies via the new system.  The other statewide Iowa carrier, Coventry, declined to say whether it had sold any Iowa policies on the new system.

Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart said CoOportunity’s news was encouraging. “Hopefully the system issues will begin to subside as more Iowans go online to enroll in the coming weeks,” he said.

They are the only place to buy insurance policies that qualify for new federal subsidies; this is one of the main attractions of the exchanges.  The subsidies will aid Americans with moderate incomes pay premiums.  A lot of officials have been advising consumers to hang around another week or two before trying to get on the systems, so the bugs can be worked out.  Consumers have until Dec. 15 to sign up for policies that will take effect Jan. 1, and they will have until March 31 to buy policies that will count toward the new requirement that most Americans obtain health insurance for 2014.


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How to Find Affordable Family Health Insurance - Westhill Healthcare Consulting

Take advantage of free quotes:

How to Find Affordable Family Health Insurance
Who doesn’t like free, it a great price!  There are many health insurance websites where you can find lot of sites with free family insurance quotes.  You must take advantage of these.  Not every policy is going to fit for everyone because every family is different.  To know the best one for you and your family, use these quoting tools to gather prices and service offerings.  And do not think about it as a waste of time, after all it is a free look into the company.  It is free yet well worth the time it takes to fill out the questionnaire or quoting application.


Know your priorities:

You should know and you must be well aware of all your priorities regarding your health care.  Are you satisfied with your current doctor or are you open to find new ones?  If you are unsure, sit down and take some time listing of your top five most important things when looking for a new policy or health insurance company.  This will help you narrow down exactly what you only need and what your looking for.

Ask for help if you need it:

It is all known to us that understanding the ins and outs of health insurance policies and coverage could sometimes be very frustrating.  This is more common to those who are just new to it.  Do not hesitate to ask questions if you need to ask questions, ask your questions to the health insurance company representatives.  You can even ask your husband, your wife, your dad, your mom, or even your friends.  But if you feel that you are not satisfied with the answers you got, don’t be frightened to enlist the help of an insurance broker.  They can help you find the best rates available, can explain the inner workings of the policy, and know what places are reputable and which ones are not.


Know your budget: 

It’s time to sit down and take a close look at your budget if you don’t know what you can spend.  Be tough on numbers and better be sure that you not only know what you can spend, but what you are willing to spend.  Be sure that you nail this down and know your budget as well as possible because what you can spend and what you’re willing to spend might be two different figures.  This will assist when you are shopping because you can contract the super high quotes that you get back from companies, and right away put the quotes that are in your price range into a spread sheet and begin comparing the positives and negatives.


When it comes time to compare health insurance, consider your family and what you want and need for them.

Make sure that a policy that works through the natural changes of a growing and changing family is very important because these young families are often growing and changing and you don’t want have to go out and find new healthcare every time something happens with them.  With the help of these tips, you should be able to compile the best rates quickly and easily, giving you the tools you need to make a well-informed decision.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kinetic Resources Corp. Announces Executive Changes

Kinetic Resources Corp. appointed Lorainne Fusco to board of directors and to serve as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer. Following this appointment, the board accepted the resignation of Luis Antonio Delgado Gonzalez as former sole officer and director. Ms. Fusco has an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and has worked in the life insurance industry since 2003.


Westhill Consulting – Tips for navigating Obamacare

Tips for navigating Obamacare

Think hard before your drop insurance entirely

Tambe said that might not make good business sense despite some companies might be tempted to abolish insurance benefits completely and let employees go to marketplaces to get coverage.

The problem is insurance purchased on the marketplace will be more expensive for individuals.  Then the company will risk talent leaving the company for a competitor who offers them the less expensive option if the company isn’t willing to compensate by raising their salary.

“It may work to keep costs down but you’ll have a hard time keeping talented folks,” he said.

Other federal programs could help you

For households making under 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, the ACA grants subsidies available on the public marketplace under certain circumstances.

Additionally there are current efforts for Ohio to spread out the Medicaid program to households making less than 138 percent of the poverty level.  This in turn if acted out would make more people eligible for those programs.

Not all individuals will qualify for subsidy even though most Americans will be eligible to obtain coverage through the exchange.  Employer-sponsored coverage may affect an employee’s ability to meet the criteria for the subsidy.

If there are many employees qualify for federal assistance, it will be reasonable to let them use those plans, particularly since employees being offered insurance by an employer aren’t allowed onto the marketplace if their employer is offering insurance deemed affordable, or 9.5 percent of their wage rate based on 130 hours per month for single coverage.

“A lot of folks qualify for these things, and there’s no penalty to employers,” Tambe said.

Know the paperwork

There are a number of new requirements employers need to be aware of in order to remain in compliance under the ACA. For instance, all employers are required to provide notices to new hires and current employees about the health insurance exchanges before Oct. 1.

Tambe said the fines for failure to comply can be steep. For example, if an employer fails to provide employees with an SBC, the potential penalty to the employer is $1,000 per employee per day.  There are also requirements that employers provide Summaries of Benefit and Coverage (SBC) to each employee 30 days prior to their renewal and 60 days in advance of any material changes to their plan outside of their renewal.

Avoid community ratings

Effective at renewal in 2014, one of the more substantial changes for employers with less than 50 employees is the new rating structure, Community Rating.  Community rating will need health insurance companies to give out health insurance policies to all people in an area, at the same price and without medical underwriting, in spite of of their health status.

Under this new structure, most groups will see a substantial increase in rates by as much as 30 percent to 50 percent, he said.  A strategy that Tambe is implementing for some of his clients is to renew their current group plan Dec. 1, 2013, which will allow them to maintain their current rating structure rather than immediately moving to community rates.

Consider how you want to grow long-term

Industries, if not all, some, like food service industries, retail, and those with large unskilled workforces have traditionally employed large numbers of part-time employees.  These industries may have to adjust workforce toward larger numbers of part time workers in order to avoid the requirement of providing insurance to full time workers, Mullins said.

“Maybe you’ll have to consider hiring a few extra part-timers to get your people under 30 hours,” he said.

Tambe also said the rules are different for companies with under 50 employees compared with those employing more than 50, which should also factor into business growth plans.

Controlled groups beware

A controlled group must provide the same benefits to all of the employees in all of the companies.  This companies are defined by the Internal Revenue Service as multiple corporations connected to a single parent corporation through stock ownership.

Failure to do so could be considered discrimination, and land those companies an IRS audit, Tambe said.

Take a look at self insurance

More companies, particularly smaller companies, have been looking into self insurance, and some providers are now offering self-insured options for as few as 15 lives, Tambe said.

Here is how it goes, in a self-insured product, the employer pays all employees’ minor health costs out of pocket, and buys coverage only for major expenses only, “major” expenses defined in the range of more than $50,000 for an individual, or more than $500,000 for the whole company, although there’s a wide range of policies companies can buy.

Tambe said it can be a risk, but if employees are generally healthy, chances are companies will save money.

Build a team of experts

Ultimately, Tambe said there is no single strategy for navigating the ACA. It will affect companies differently depending on their industry, size, and workforces.

Tambe said it’s important for employers work with a knowledgeable and trusted advisor to come up with a long-term plan for their companies.

For that reason, he said professional employer organizations, or PEOs, have been a popular option for employers to outsource the responsibility for ACA compliance, as have using temps.

“For any one employer trying to do this, it’s going to be a whole lot of work for HR,” Tambe said.


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Westhill Consulting – Car Insurance Tips to Help You Buy Smarter

Car Insurance Tips to Help You Buy Smarter

It doesn’t have to be intimidating; buying auto insurance doesn’t have to be stressful.  There are many options to customize your policy needs base on your budget.  If you are knowledgeable with some basic information you can make smarter insurance decisions.  These car insurance tips can help you trim down choices and save time and money.

  • ·         Make sure you’re legally covered

From state to state, requirements of car insurance vary but one thing is the same virtually everywhere in the U.S. and it is if you drive a car, you’re required to have some form of car insurance or proof of financial responsibility.  There are more than few factors such as your driving record and insurance history, may affect your policy rates.  You may begin here to find the minimum requirements for your state.
  • ·         Understand your insurance options

Car insurance can sometimes be a bit confusing sometimes; it can be complicated to look at because of many choices available to protect you and your car.  For you to understand basics, there are nationwide offers such as the following the difference between collision and comprehensive, before you call an agent or get a quote online.
·         Get at least three quotes
It will help if you get quotes from at least three insurance companies you compare price and service options.  It is necessary that you request the same coverage from each to get an apples-to-apples comparison.  Rates may differ from one company to another.  Remember that not because it is the lowest it is the best because the lowest priced insurance may not give you all the coverage you need.  Check for every detail,  look  at price, amount of coverage, benefits and claims services before you make your decision.
  • ·         Take advantage of discounts

This may surprise you, a number of discounts available to lower you for auto insurance rates.  An example is if you insure multiple vehicles with Nationwide or stay with us for at least five years, you may receive substantial savings.  You have to ask about these and other auto insurance discounts when you shop for a policy.
·         Look for extra help when you need it
Nationwide tenders extra products and services for purchase to give the drivers in your family even additional protection.

Ø  Accident Forgiveness –With this optional coverage, Nationwide will not raise your auto insurance rates following your first at-fault automobile accident.
Ø  Roadside Assistance – Nationwide Roadside Assistance coverage is available in two different levels, Basic and Plus, so you can choose the one that works best with your budget. Get covered for fuel delivery, lockout service, jump-starts and more.
Ø  Loss of use – If you can’t drive your car due to a covered loss, this coverage helps pay for a rental car or other transportation expenses so you can get back on the road.


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Westhill Consulting Healthcare - Terms and Conditions

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General Terms and Conditions applicable to Use of a Web Site.

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FourSquare TIP - Westhill Consulting : Healthcare & Insurance - Individuals, families and the self employed Health Insurance

Spiritual Center in Jakarta, Jakarta

It is hard to find a health insurance in the current situation of our marketplace. It seems impossible to get one of those as per this individual health insurance can offer you a confusing array of options more especially if you're one of the millions of Americans who buys their own health coverage. This health coverage are sometimes good but not always and worse few are expensive.
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Westhill Consulting Insurance - San Francisco, CA - Yelp Page

Jl Jendral Sudirman Kav 3-4

San FranciscoCA 10220(221) 573-5843

I understand that insurance is a major buget consideration for any person, family or business, and our mission is to serve the needs of the residents of Denham Springs, Walker, Livingston, Central and Baton Rouge area as well as other areas of the state of Louisiana by offering Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, & Health Insurance at competitive prices with exceptional customer service.

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Westhill Consulting Insurance - Important Tips From a Health Insurance

Never take medical health insurance advice from someone that is absolutely unqualified to give you with these tips!!
Don’t take medical health insurance advice from someone unqualified to provide these tips. Seek any adverse health insurance specialist, they’ve analyzed and therefore are licensed to provide these tips and they are liberated to you. Rely On Them!!
All of us have our own opinion of what health plan we want.  And not because someone is your relative, someone you know or someone he knows are associated with some section of healthcare totally not connected to insurance, does not necessarily mean they are completely knowledgeable of the solutions for your individual needs and questions.  And even before problems show up, insurance specialists are always readily available.  Most insurance specialists get compensated through insurance service providers, so their professional services can you. Rely On Them!!
Determine your actual needs.
Consider your actual needs. Request yourself questions so guess what happens your particular health plan needs are, that method for you to make certain you choose an agenda that fits them. In the end, if you do not understand what you really need inside a plan, how would you determine if you’ve encounter the best fit?
Consider your budget, designs of physician and hospital visits, and prescription medication usage when identifying your requirements.  Reflect on these questions: How often would you go to your physician? Do you opt for examinations only or do you opt for sick visits? The number of occasions are you currently within the hospital previously 24 months? Would you take regular medications? What exactly are they? Generic or Brands? This really is another area where the majority of my clients neglect.
In the majority of those areas in roughly any affordable way, it is not easy to have maximum coverage because maximum coverage for that physician and hospital plus medications leaves a dent or dimple within the budget.  Though, almost every medical health insurance plans offer several version of the identical plan.
Resist the need to in excess of-insure!!
Resist the need to in excess of-insure! Healthcare Reform has transformed the number of plans work and you’ll have the ability to receive ample or superlative coverage without over-covering. And more importantly, with no hefty rates!
Some thinks that if the have maximum coverage for doctors, hospitals, and medications; they have “good” insurance.  But in reality it is simple, many people who definitely are approved for individual medical health insurance will not need all of this coverage.  What you need to understand is: Healthcare Reform and prevent-Loss. First, Healthcare Reform enables for maintenance services to become covered at 100%. For instance, should you only get examinations, why sign up for the program with 100% doctor’s visit coverage? Sign up for the program having a lower premium and pays $10 copay for the sick visit.
Then, choose your plan after following the above tips.
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Posted by WESTHILLINSURANCE - Westhill Consulting Insurance - How to Avoid Health Care Fraud

WesthillConsultingInsurance - Howto Avoid Health Care Fraud


Patients who buy drugs through mail-order companies could be rolling the dice with their health says Dr. Deborah C. Peel, a physician and founder of the nonprofit Patient Privacy Rights.  There’s a high probability in many cases that these drugs are counterfeit Peel added.
“And you don’t ever know because the fraudulent tablets look just like the real ones,” says Peel.
She says ordering from companies that specialize in mail-order sales that are not affiliated with a legitimate insurance company, especially from foreign countries, can be very risky. Not only could the quality be questionable, it could also be illegal.
“But people are desperate because we’re being so grossly overcharged for medication,” she says.
Peel says you can lessen costs by buying generic. You can spot it by: the best thing to do is to keep away from buying drugs from foreign or obscure pharmacies.  And if you decide to go with the mail-order route, just stay with U.S.-based companies because if it’s a U.S. company, you can report the health care fraud to the Food and Drug Administration while if it’s a foreign company, there’s little that can or will be done.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, millions fall victim each year to false miracle cures. Especially vulnerable are victims of debilitating and potentially deadly illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV and AIDS.
The FTC website says scammers take advantage of people with a grim diagnosis such as cancer and “promote unproven — and potentially dangerous — substances like black salve, essiac tea, or laetrile with claims that the products are both ‘natural’ and effective.” But, say physicians and other experts, simply because something is advertised as “natural” doesn’t mean it works. And while a patient is experimenting with bogus treatments, he or she can squander the opportunity to receive treatments that might truly be effective. Peel says consumers should beware of products with personal testimonies that prove nothing. Don’t trust a product just because of favorable reviews on the Internet, she warns.

How to spot it: If product claims make it sound like it’s too good to be true, then it is. Something that works miracles would make headlines, so when “Mary in Indiana” says that a special tea cured her cancer, it’s a worthless testimonial.
Here is something worth doing: protect yourself against phony products through talking to your trusted physician or physical therapist.

Dental treatments performed by nonprofessionals

Earlier this year, an Oklahoma dentist accused of allowing unlicensed employees to give IVs to patients made nationwide headlines after some patients were alleged to have contracted hepatitis due to the purported use of contaminated instruments.
This happens although not that usual, and industry professionals such as James Quiggle, communications director of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, say you can take steps to ascertain that your dentist employs ethical practices. One such step is to scope out dentists you’re considering.
“Go to two or three dental offices and get a sense of the comfort level of that office, how clean it is, how professional and whether it’s up-to-date and well-lit,” says Quiggle. While dental scams are not as common as some other types of health care fraud, the results obtained by an unscrupulous dentist can be life-altering in a terrible way.
Trust your instincts and find someone else: if you have dental insurance, check your explanation of benefits statement and make sure it matches the work you had performed.  If the office seems unsanitary or the staff not properly trained, better be a sign of not pursuing to have any transaction with them.

A report from Ohio authorities said they’ve indicted a man for using a fraudulent identity to obtain $345,000 in medical treatment from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  The man used a stolen license multiple times in order to get services from 2008 to 2013, according to news media reports.
Medical identity theft is one of the most serious and fastest-growing crimes in the nation.  Some sources say the damages run as high as $234 billion.  Some 1.85 million Americans were affected by medical identity theft in 2012, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute.
Jeff Young, vice president of fraud control at Verisk Health, says you should guard your health care insurance information as carefully as you do banking data. “Protect it, don’t carry it around and report it immediately if you lose it,” says Young.
Your credit can be ruined if you become the victim of medical ID theft.  You can find flawed treatment information on your records and creditors will harass you to pay for treatment never received.

Bogus medical treatment after a staged car crash

Quiggle says it’s an old scam he’s seeing more and more, as well as a source of rising insurance premiums.  Four residents of Jacksonville, Fla., including a chiropractor, were recently arrested and charged with staging automobile accidents, then steering the victims to the chiropractor for treatment they did not need.
Fake accidents are very common and more often than not dangerous.  The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that criminals targeting the Las Vegas area are staging fake accidents by pulling into the paths of big rigs and slamming on their brakes.  These scammers are up to getting big settlements out of the truckers but a lot of these staged crimes also involve false medical treatment.


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